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Baby signing tutorials and information about baby sign language classes from Handy Expressions.

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A handy way for infants to communicate

Welcome to the wonderful world of baby sign language at Handy Expressions, your comprehensive online baby sign language resource.

Research into baby signing began in the 1980's and was introduced in the UK within a few years.
For more information about the history and benefits (including where, when and how it all started),
visit our baby sign language page.

You'll find some interesting facts about research into baby signing and it's effects on child development, on our baby sign language research page, including links to interesting and important online baby sign language articles.

If you're concerned or have questions, check our comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions about baby sign language, which answer the most common concerns parents have about signing with your baby.

Baby signing class For information about baby sign language tuition, see our baby signing classes, which include information about health visitors, baby and toddler groups and nursery talks.

And please check our testimonials, written by parents who have attended my baby signing classes.

Baby signing "Cheese" This site includes a complete set of baby sign language picture galleries, including all of the signs used in our baby signing classes, with pictures, diagrams and explanations. The Baby Signing Gallery includes the following categories:

The Alphabet, Animal Signs, Basic Signs, Clothing Signs, Family Signs, Food Signs, Miscellaneous Signs, Outdoor Signs, Playtime Signs, Questioning Signs, Routine Signs, Transport Signs, Weather Signs and finally, a picture gallery of babies signing.

The entire contents of our Baby Signing Galleries, (minus the "babies signing" page), are available to order as a fully illustrated signing pack, including a list of hints and tips, to enable you to teach your child baby sign language at home. The signing pack and other recommended baby signing aids are available here.

If you are a member or organiser of a baby and toddler group, or you would like to train as a baby sign language tutor, visit my sign language training page to find out more.

If you'd like to contact Handy Expressions, to find out more about us, where (and how) we started and our future plans, please visit our About Us page.

You can also read about Handy Expressions in the news.

Facebook members please join my Handy Expressions Baby Sign Language (UK) group.

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