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Information about Handy Expressions and how we started our baby sign language program.

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About Handy Expressions and how we started.

My name is Anglina Scarian.
Back in 2004 whilst pregnant I watched a program on one of the Discovery Channels about baby sign language in America.
It really caught my eye and I wanted to find out more. I searched for baby sign language and really struggled to find any information or guidance.

I found a BSL website with a small signing dictionary and decided to pick a couple of the signs that I thought most important - like 'Milk', 'More', 'Enough', 'Beautiful' and 'Mummy' and 'Daddy'.

When our daughter was born I signed the signs I had found but I kept pestering my Health Visitors for more information about baby sign language and I really wanted to know about anything local etc.

She gave me details of a class in a town near me, I looked through the companies website and was drawn to the become a teacher link.

I contacted them, had several phone interviews and travelled a long distance at short notice for a face to face interview with the owner. A few hours later on my way home I heard back that I was accepted for the franchise.
I then moved forward to get my business started. Looking to launch my baby signing classes in Gloucester in the new year of 2005.
I had three classes going strong and covered a local franchisees class whilst she was on maternity leave.
In the November we parted company and for a year I was unable to teach baby sign language classes (due to a clause in the franchise agreement).

By then I was really passionate about baby sign language and - with the success I had with my own daughter (signing by the time she was 5 months old) and all the children and parents who attended my classes and benefitted by them - I was really keen to continue.
So I spent a year doing my BSL Level 1 qualifications, passing in the summer of 2006.

I still had my list of contacts from before, lists of health visitors, advertisers, local baby organisations etc.
So I waited til November 2006 and launched my own company Handy Expressions with a big open day that lasted two days at a local community centre.
I then launched my own classes in January 2007 and haven't looked back. With regular health visitor talks, classes and local press interest I have been able to get the word out about baby sign language keeping my passion for it alive.

If you are passionate about baby sign language and would like to take the same root as I did and become a baby sign language teacher check out my training page for details.

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