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Baby signing galleries. Pictures and descriptions of signs used in Handy Expressions baby sign language classes.

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Welcome to Handy Expressions Sign Language Galleries

These galleries of signs were created for Handy Expressions baby signing classes.

All of our signs are based on BSL and - as is normal for baby sign language - some of the more difficult signs are modified slightly to make it easier for your "tiny one to talk".

The galleries are grouped in weekly "categories" starting with the most commonly used signs.

These free signing aids are intended to be used for reference only. If you are unable to attend our baby signing classes, I recommend you consider purchasing our signing pack or downloadable signing pack. You'll find it much easier to work from a good quality hardcopy/folder when you have an infant on your lap!
If however you decide to learn or teach from these galleries you are advised to start from the top and work your way down the list week by week.

Note: In my class syllabus the Animals category is actually divided up amongst all the other weeks but I grouped them together here for obvious reasons!

Each gallery contains a set of pictures depicting the signs.
Some signs use 2 different hand shapes so you will see both pictures.
Every picture includes a description of the correct way to make the sign and many of the pictures include a graphic representation of the movement(s) required, depicted by red arrows.

* Note the direction of movement(s) indicated by the arrowhead(s).

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