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Cat Sign Guinea Pig Sign 1Guinea Pig Sign 2
DescripBoth hands, fingers spread starting at nose move across face like wiskers.
Do the G sign, both hands in fists, on edges, top one hit down on the bottom one, then do the pig sign, fist of dominant hand in front of nose rotate anti clockwise in a small circular motion.

Dog Sign Bird Sign Fish Sign
Index and middle finger on both hands extended, pointing down, jut downwards twice, like paws.

Index and thumb of dominant hand pinch together like beak of a bird.
Hand flat on its side glide and wiggles through the air like a fish swimming through water.
Duck Sign Frog Sign Cow Sign
All four fingers together and thumb extended beneath, shaped like a beak, opens and closes.
Cupped hand around front of throat, motion a half squeeze, like the frogs pouch when he croaks.
Both hands, one either side of forehead, thumb and little finger extended, like cows hors, lift from head approx 3".

Pig Sign Sheep Sign Hen Sign
Fist of dominant hand in front of nose rotate anti clockwise in a small circular motion.
Extend little fingers on either side of head, move away in circular motions, indicating ram's horns.

Make birds beak at the side of your face, flap your arm up and down like a chicken's wing.
Horse Sign Rabbit Sign Mouse Sign
Both hands side by side, as holding a rein between them, move up and down like riding a horse.
Both hands, index and middle fingers extended together, hold up behind your head, like rabbits hears.

Index finger, top facing upwards, points into side of nose then twists.
Lion Sign Crocodile Sign Monkey Sign
Both hands above head, fingers extended, bring wriggling hands downwards outlining a lion's mane.
Both arms extended, hands and fingers wide open, hands snap together like a crocodile.
Both arms lifted at shoulder, hands reach under to armpits, to scratch them.

Spider Sign Elephant Sign
Palm facing down with outstretched fingers wriggling around like a spider.
Hand in a cupped shape, starts at nose, and moves down in an 's' shape like an elephants trunk.
All of our Animal baby signs are based on standard BSL.

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