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Baby sign language pictures: Food Signs.

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Apple Sign Banana Sign Biscuit Sign
Hold hand like you're holding an apple and then action like taking a bite.

Action like you are pealing a banana.
Prominent hand like holding a small ball taps other elbow.
Sandwiches Sign Toast Sign Cheese Sign
Both hands flat, palms facing each other, tap down then flip hands and repeat.

Both palms facing each other vertically move in opposite directions.
Touch prominent hand's fingertips to other flat palm, rock hand back & forth.
Yoghurt Sign Hot Food and Drink Sign
Hand holding invisible pot, first 2 fingers of other hand scoop towards mouth.
HOT (Food & Drink)
Open hand with fingers loosely clenched starts at far side of mouth and moves across. Indicating your food/ drink is hot.
All of our food baby signs are based on standard BSL.

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