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Baby sign language pictures: Transport Signs.

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Car Sign Bus Sign Train Sign
Position hands as if holding a steering wheel, steer side to side like driving a car.
Hook index and middle finger over like holding on a pull cord on old style buss & pull down as to stop buss.

Arm at side with fist clenched pull back and push forward like piston on steam trains.
Bike Sign Plane Sign Boat Sign
Both palms facing forward, fingers pointing down, at different height, move in circular motion like peddling.
Hand clenched, thumb and little finger sticking out, move hand through the air like an aeroplane.
Both hands flat on edges with fingers pointing in towards each other at an angle go through the air like boat through water.

Helicopter Sign All of our transport baby signs are based on standard BSL.

One palm flat down, index finger on other hand in flat palm, wiggle the fingers on flat palm and move both upwards.

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