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Baby Sign Language Research.

There is lots of research about baby sign language and a lot can be found mentioned throughout my site.
Some basic history and details of the founders of baby sign language can be found on our About Baby Sign Language page.
During the past decade there has been a lot of 'new age ideas' about how to improve development in your young children, while the myth of the Mozart effect on children's learning has largely been unproven the trend of sign language for infants is gaining steam. Both these trends for early infant development began in the early 90's, sign language is the only one that has stood the test of repeated research.
With many organisations doing research on baby sign language, it has stood up to all the negative press and concern that it started with back over a decade ago.
Many studies have shown that signing with your infant in-fact increases vocabulary and reading abilities amongst many other benefits which includes; Increased IQ, reduces frustration for you and your baby, reduces aggressive behaviour, gives baby a effective and fun way to communicate providing parents a window into babies thoughts, builds on babies natural tendancy to gesture, gives more positive interactions, strenghthens babies self-esteem, enhanced early language skills, leads to more intersest in books, stimulates a babies senses: sight, touch and movement, as well as providing a base for a second language bridging the gap between other languages spoken in a family.

All evidence shows that signing with your infant, infact is beneficial.
Seeing it with my own two eyes with my own daughter (now 4) and babies from my own baby signing classes has been a fabulous experience and when parents tell you how much it has helped them communicate with their babies it is trully rewarding.

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