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Baby signing testimonials, what parents think about Handy Expressions baby sign language classes.

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Baby Sign Language Testimonials

What parents think of Handy Expressions Baby Sign Language Classes

Helen, Elliot, Megan & Phoenix. Handy Expressions Class "Thank you very much for all your help & support during the baby signing course. Elliot is a calm & relaxed baby & we are sure it is all due to the fact that he can communicate his needs to us. We have all really enjoyed the classes & are very sad that they have come to an end."
Elliot started signing at the age of 6 months - Just after 6 classes.
Helen brought Elliot to the classes at just 4 1/2 months, she thought it would be good to get a head start at consistant signing (making it part of her everyday life). Elliot exceeded her & my expectations by picking up the signs so quickly.
Helen, Dale & Megan Jones

"I got more than expected from the classes and knew I could ring Angelina if I needed any advice. I signed with Charley a bit before coming to the classes. I learned that consistency was a key with signing so started to sign lots and often (still can't get daddy to do it though). Angelina is a good tutor and she is easy to get on with. I Highly recommend the classes."
Charley started signing (HE Signs) at the age of 23 months - Just after 1 class.
Colette Laws

"I got more than expected from the classes and knew I could call if I needed help. Signing with books - I find is the best, you have their attention already. I had been to other signing classes but I would recommend Handy Expressions. Signing has come in very useful to bridge the gap between communicating and understanding before speaking."
Elliott started signing at the age of 16 months - Just after 5 classes.
Claire Arrowsmith

"Olivia and myself gained insight & knowledge to signing. We used certain signs often; such as 'more', 'full', 'bath', 'milk' and lots of animal signs. Olivia now speaks some of the words alongside the signs (Thanks to an enjoyable course and the energy that was given by Angelina). We both enjoyed the classes very much."
Olivia started signing (thanks to the Open Day) before she started the course at the age of 10 months. Sally Bunbury

"I got more than I expected from the classes and always felt I could call for help if I needed it. The classes were fun (especially the signing) Jess Loved coming - it was a very social experience - even taught me a few new songs! It was great to see Jess doing signs too."
Jess started signing at 11 months old - Just after 5 classes
Katie Everson

"I still can not stress enough how glad we were that we came to your lessons and we have been so pleased with the results.. we really do think this has made such a difference with how we can communicate with Femi at such an early age and think this is why she is also doing so well with her talking!!"
Kelly and Fela Sowande

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